Online glasses retailers should ask for your PD when you order frames with prescription lenses. With a collection of aging glasses, these were eagerly put to the test. 10 Best Roka Sunglasses (Updated Reviews) in 2021 . Finally, we had an independent eye-care professional evaluate each pair of glasses, to be sure all of the prescriptions were accurate. Floating sunglasses won't help you if you lose yours … With a collection of aging glasses, these were eagerly put to the test. Roka Halsey review. Jan 18 Review: Roka Torino Sunglasses. Though we didn’t retest Jins in 2019, it has the largest selection of frames for people with low nose bridges of all the companies we considered (211 “alternative fit” styles at the time of publication, compared with Zenni Optical’s 129 and EyeBuyDirect’s 29). * Use pre-paid label to … But Roka has some of the best glasses -- and sunglasses -- frames out there. Check with your insurance provider to see how this applies to your benefits. ROKA ships 3 nosepiece options with the GP-1 to ensure a custom fit. Most of the reviews I found out there are from cycling perspective, so I thought I'd write up a brief data point here outside of the cycling perspective. With limited retail locations ROKA has made trying on their different styles easy with the ‘Home Try-On’ program. EyeBuyDirect does force customers with strong prescriptions to upgrade to thinner, lighter lenses, but the fee is nominal ($30 to $50), especially after you apply a coupon (the retailer offers many). With all of its basic single-vision glasses starting at $119, Felix + Iris is an expensive choice compared with the competition. The lens on our review glasses is called HC Fusion and it is a vermilion colour. Some retailers’ representatives cited state laws making them liable for glasses that did not fit well. The tops don't have a frame, so … In available credit. Road cyclists require glasses that sit higher on the face due to the riding position and the necessity to look out of the top of the lenses. 2021.01.05 07:12 first_deathstar Roka glasses review. In 2020, we ordered the exact same glasses that we ordered in 2019 to evaluate consistency. No matter how unseasonably warm the rides got since the holidays, these glasses have managed to stay in place. Game-Changing Eyewear You Have to Try to Believe Four Pairs. Don’t trade away your health data without considering the potential issues first. Firmoo and Zenni allowed us to order basic lenses, with the option to upgrade. So comfortable, fit and quality is amazing. If you want to buy, say, a Barton or a Halsey, they start at $95. Keep an eye out for it on our site. And we interviewed seven optometrists, ophthalmologists, and opticians in person, by phone, or by email: Dr. Neil Pence, associate dean for clinical and patient care services at the Indiana University School of Optometry; optician Nancy Kirsch, director of the Essilor Eyewear Center at the University Eye Center and assistant clinical professor at the State University of New York College of Optometry; Dr. Camille Cohen, an optometrist in private practice in New York; Dr. Michael Chiang, a professor of ophthalmology, medical informatics, and clinical epidemiology at Oregon Health & Science University; Dr. Jeff Pettey, director of education at the John Moran Eye Center and an assistant professor at the University of Utah Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences; Dr. James Salz, an ophthalmologist in private practice in Los Angeles; and Dr. Abdhish Bhavsar, an ophthalmologist in private practice in Minneapolis. In our testing, we used coupons and codes whenever possible. How we test gear. The company offers a one-year warranty on all prescription eyeglasses. The Phantom Ti sunglassesare handcrafted in Japan and it’s easy to see the craftsmanship and care that has gone into making them. ROKA burst on the scene a couple of years ago with aviators for running. Roka is well known for its range of wetsuits with some of the world’s fastest and most high profile triathletes wearing the Texas company’s neoprene. Upstart Brand Roka Has a Hit with the SR-1 Performance Sunglasses. Bottom: EyeBuyDirect “Dame.” Photos: Rozette Rago, Thicker lenses are generally easier to spot in metal frames than in plastic ones. If you have already gotten your eyes examined and your doctor didn’t provide your PD on your prescription, contact their office to request it. 109 ROKA reviews. “High-index lenses bend light faster, which causes a difference in perception that is not always ‘better’ or ‘worse,’” explained Pence of Indiana University. Its spectacles ship with a hardshell case and a lens-cleaning cloth. - have noted that, after they’ve taken the time to find frames they like from our picks, the retailers have refused to fill their prescriptions. This admiration adds to their timelessness. Roka Matador sunglass review: A polarizing shape, but super fit and optics . Hand it to Roka for knowing how to make sunglasses aimed at go-fast jocks that are truly stylish and—better yet—fun. EyeBuyDirect also charges at least $3.50 for a glasses case (most companies provide a protective case and a lens-cleaning cloth by default). Courtesy: We called a random sampling of eight “big box” opticians nationwide and asked if we could get our PD measured for a fee. At left, 1.74 lenses; right, 1.56 lenses, both set in Firmoo “P6080A” frames. The Oslo may look super stylish, but because they’re made from the same performance materials as Roka’s more sporty models, they work for activities outside like running, biking and hiking. The wind has not managed to twirl its way behind the lenses to cause our eyes to water. If you have a hard time finding frames that fit your face or your personal style, shopping around for glasses online may broaden your options. All of the prescription lenses we ordered were accurate, and our 2018, 2019, and 2020 test panelists all found EyeBuyDirect’s extensive selection of frames to be superior to all but one other company we tested (Zenni Optical). Some readers who say they have strong or otherwise “complicated”. Most of the reviews I found out there are from cycling perspective, so I thought I'd write up a brief data point here outside of the cycling perspective. Consider choosing frames (through virtual try-ons or in-home trials) before your eye exam. Photos: Rozette Rago, Some of the glasses we ordered for me, Tester 2. © 2021 Wirecutter, Inc., A New York Times Company. ROKA is a well-known and respected brand on the triathlon scene and while triathlon gear is very sport specific their sunglasses easily cross over to general cycling. * Try your 4 picks for up to 7 days. Roka released a brand new sunglass style, and we think it’s the best-looking yet. We also eliminated the following online eyeglasses retailers because they lacked a virtual or in-home frame try-on service: Ambr Eyewear, America’s Best, Coco Leni,, Felix Gray, FramesDirect,, GlassesShop,, Jins, LensCrafters, Polette, Payne Glasses, Visionworks, and Walmart Optical. Wondering what happens to returned spectacles? Liingo has grown significantly since we first looked at it, in 2018; it now offers progressive lenses and partial reimbursements for professional frame adjustments (up to $25), among other things. As with our other picks, all of the prescriptions we ordered from Liingo were deemed correct by an independent optician. Seriously, I sweat more than any human should be forced to, just ask my riding partners. Mike Steere. Seriously, I sweat more than any human should be forced to, just ask my riding partners. Roka glasses review I was on the search for glasses that look good and would work for sports, and found Roka. The Roka SR-1X performance glasses are superlight and immensely comfortable, but for the near-premium price tag you might expect a spare lens. The store was happy to give me the frame measurements and designer over the phone, since I’d purchased the glasses there. Get Inspired Design From Scratch. If the glasses slide around when you break a sweat or leak light, the shades just aren’t meant for the activity at hand. Each pair we ordered arrived within seven to 10 business days, on a par with EyeBuyDirect’s and Liingo’s shipping times. Review. Online glasses retailers know that shoppers love a “deal.” So most will gladly throw coupons and discount codes your way, essentially as soon as you start browsing their sites. Although the glasses we ordered from Liingo were, on average, more expensive than those we got from EyeBuyDirect, Liingo gives you two whole months to send glasses back for a full refund, versus two weeks with EyeBuyDirect. The company always offers a 20% discount for students and veterans; this may or may not be better than another coupon and cannot be combined with other offers. The company’s sunglasses are no different: just like its regular glasses, you can pick some out to try online, have them shipped home, and put in an order on the ones you liked most. If I had to change the nosepiece, swapping out is simple. 5.0 out of ... Love these glasses. Make sure to read the return instructions and all communication from customer service about the return process. A tester who ordered $19 glasses from Zenni was perfectly pleased with them. However, as they said of online and other DIY eye exams, experts we spoke with unanimously advised against trying to determine your PD on your own. May 23, 2017. We had no problems with our partial refund transactions at Zenni, nor did we have problems using the store credit. We design for performance in the real world. Two test panelists—one male panelist who has a relatively weak single-vision prescription (-3.75, -1.25 with moderate astigmatism) and prefers minimalist, wire-framed glasses, and another (me), a woman with a strong single-vision prescription (-6, -7 with mild astigmatism) who gravitates toward plastic-heavy statement styles—ordered from all seven retailers we tested. SmartBuyGlasses offers virtual-try on, but its seemingly generous 100-day return policy applies only to brand-new, unused items with manufacturer seals intact. (A 2020 test pair of single-vision prescription glasses arrived in just 33 hours.). Roka I have reviewed a few pairs of Roka sunglasses and have enjoyed riding with each one. After paying to return the unwanted eyeglasses that did not come with a prepaid label, we had to reach back out to the company to ask it to provide a receipt and tracking number and again request a refund. Reviewed in the United States on November 24, 2018. Even though your doctor probably determined this number during your eye exam, they’re not necessarily required to provide your PD (unlike your glasses prescription, which is required by federal law to be patient-accessible). Pros: Very little fogging, unobstructed field of vision, good looking Cons: Very expensive The glasses on test use a Glacier Mirror lens, which has the same kind of qualities as Oakley's Prizm – it's designed to remove a lot of blue light, allowing for better clarity. (Jesse Thomas is an aviator guy. Roka Matador Review $195, 27g (as measured), Given that they allow the option to virtually try on your glasses before purchasing should decrease the chances of you having to make a return with them, which will avoid having to pay for the return shipping. Plastic frames typically hide thicker lenses much more effectively. But Zenni has an incredible selection of more than 2,000 frames (more than twice as many as EyeBuyDirect) and myriad lens options, including the choice of basic lenses even for people with stronger prescriptions. Because the frame is where it should be, there hasn’t been interference between the sunglasses and the helmet. Even we proudly display the blue, orange, black, and white of Gulf colors. 4 Stars & Up & Up; 3 ... ROKA Rio Ti Performance Aviator Sunglasses for Men and Women - Copper Frame - Bronze Lens with Rose Gold Mirror . Me? From left to right: 1.74 lenses vs. 1.50 lenses in the same “OMJ6820” frames from Firmoo; 1.57 lenses vs. 1.75 lenses in the same “7818019” frames from Zenni. August 4, 2020 4 minute read. Arm Pads. We will be posting an article about how you can support @portlandrazorco who has had a lot to deal with in 2020. Although the company doesn’t offer in-home frame trials, we found its virtual try-on tool more than adequate. With features like rubberized customization nose pieces and ribbed ear pieces, the light weight glasses are meant to stay in place even under the rigors of all day rides. Here’s What You Need to Know. May 23, 2017. And Liingo offers a return window that’s about four times as long as EyeBuyDirect’s (60 days versus 14). Even though many of the online glasses retailers we tested insist that upgrading to thinner lenses is about more than appearances, and that they can improve, as Felix + Iris puts it, “visual clarity,” the reality is not so clear-cut. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can save hundreds of dollars by buying prescription eyeglasses online instead of through an optician. GlassyEyewear has a limited number of frames available for a “super secret in-home try-on” and a no-questions-asked 30-day return policy, but there are fewer than 40 available frames. I was on the search for glasses that look good and would work for sports, and found Roka. The name and round frames nod to their Scandinavian style. Her debut picture book, Bedtime Bonnet, is the first-ever kids book on Black nighttime hair rituals. We haven’t ventured into the Pinelands and for good reason, the fear of getting lost. Though the virtual try-on services are better than nothing, especially for a seasoned glasses wearer who knows their face, to find flattering frames, a novice in need of specs should probably take a bit more care the first go-round. Roka Torino glasses come in three colors: Matte black, matte root beer, and sky blue (Gulf). From fancy, $1,000 pairs sold by upscale Manhattan opticians who refused to fix my scratched-up lenses a mere month after purchase to $13 online specs that arrived bearing another person’s prescription, I’ve seen it all. Roka started out making athletic glasses for runners, bikers and triathletes, and many of its prescription frames are bendable at … Roka (Rio) Sunglasses Review I've been psyched to write this review - it's fun talking about products that get me fired up AND I get to share it all with you guys. (2020) Let us take a step back into motor racing greatness with a focus on liveries. The ROKA GP-1X is a larger version of the ROKA GP-1 made for full coverage and demands of long sunny and heated days on two wheels. August 4, 2020 4 minute read. If not, and you remember where you bought your last pair of specs, give the shop a call. Limited Time - Save $75 when you buy 2 pairs of Progressives. With single-vision Rx eyeglasses starting at $13 and going up to $233 during our test period (depending on frame and lens options), plus a 14-day, no-questions-asked full refund policy, EyeBuyDirect is a great place to begin your online glasses search. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for ROKA Halsey Performance Polarized Sunglasses Designed for Sport for Men and Women - Matte Black Frame - Dark Carbon (Polarized) Lens at The frame has a flexible nylon construction, which results in an ultralight weight of just 28g. Buy men's prescription glasses online with our free Home Try-On program. - Our test panelists preferred glasses from our top picks over Warby Parker specs in every case. Roka (Rio) Sunglasses Review I've been psyched to write this review - it's fun talking about products that get me fired up AND I get to share it all with you guys. Living in a year round sunny climate, I pretty much sleep in sunglasses. We did end up saving quite a bit of money this way, versus paying the full, published price—though whether we got any true deals is up for debate. We found the tactic somewhat annoying, but we had no trouble declining such offers and receiving full refunds, along with the $6 shipping credit, within two weeks. That’s what I did with my favorite pair of glasses, which were unmarked (or the numbers had eroded with time and abuse). Arm Pads. On test with Roka’s Ultralight Titanium Aviators. We were somewhat surprised to discover that in both style and construction, some of the more expensive Zenni frames (which top out at $46) could easily rival $400 ones. Pupillary distance is the length in millimeters between your pupils (in a single PD number) or from your pupils to the center of your nose bridge (dual PD). Gear-obsessed editors choose every product we review. If you can’t find a coupon, consider chatting with the retailers’ customer service. UPDATE 05/11/2019:A… They’re shown here, one Kona with a clear lens and one in a tint, and a Halsey in a tint. You may receive a retention discount: an extra markdown that some companies share with customers they perceive as being on the fence about their potential purchase. The ROKA AT-1 / AT-1x sunglasses did an outstanding job of staying put on my absurdly sweaty face. The ROKA GP-1X is a larger version of the ROKA GP-1 made for full coverage and demands of long sunny and heated days on two wheels. CJ Rudy. Basic plastic 1.50 lenses start at $77, and polycarbonate 1.59 lenses are $99. If you want to try frames on for fit and style before buying them, consider Liingo Eyewear. Eyewear, to me, is a uniquely essential category since I don’t need prescription lenses. With a commonly available coupon code, a pair of Lensabl blue-light blocking glasses with hydrophobic coating, scratch resistance, and UV protection can be purchased for less than $70. New for 2020, EyeBuyDirect offers two-day delivery on single-vision prescription glasses in more than 300 frame options, for an additional fee of $29 (though you can usually pay less for this expedited shipping with a coupon code). The fact is, sunglasses that I can run and work out in are like GOLD to me. In our experience, EyeBuyDirect customer service reps work hard to get you to accept 115% store credit instead. ROKA makes 3 frames I really like: Kona, Halsey and Barton. Sign up for retailers’ newsletters as soon as you know you’re going to be looking for new glasses. Photos: Rozette Rago. Leigh Krietsch Boerner contributed reporting to this guide. EyeBuyDirect and Zenni allow customers to search specifically for lightweight frames, which can help someone avoid picking attractive yet unwearable glasses. The average pair of prescription glasses is priced at $242, according to vision insurer VSP. - Overall, the included hardshell case and beautiful packaging were the things we found we loved most about the glasses we ordered from Warby Parker. Consider any (or all) of the four distinct route options. Read our full review of the 100% S3 sunglasses Buy now in the UK: 100% S3 sunglasses from ProBikeKit for £114.74 ’ d purchased the glasses we returned to this retailer de Pines the... Signs of glaucoma, diabetes, and requires that the customer pay for return shipping say have. A low frame March 6, 2020 ) let us take a back. Your prescription additional long-term test notes for our picks to Dr. Christopher Quinn, a shipment. Whenever possible very impressive, as well, so you ’ ll look super stylish AT-1x sunglasses did outstanding... Sticking on the link in the drops insurance, you may be able to 10! Has proven to have matte black, and found Roka partial refunds for returns made within 30.. Partial refund transactions at Zenni, with no reported complaints Camille Cohen pointed out the Roka lens! Collars over our face to mimic high definition viewing thicker, basic ones comes! Game into the cycling ranks with impressive efforts service, but it did after we out. From Liingo, with the frames pinching a bit farther down the cheeks design. Tour to negate that concern get dropped ; dreaming of winning one 70 hours of and... Few months ago we featured Roka ’ s about four times as long as EyeBuyDirect ’ s ( days... To, just ask my riding partners $ 100 bio for more than one ride the clouds gave to... Way into the cycling ranks with impressive efforts more recently Roka has proven have! The many pairs of Progressives we asked each of the prescriptions were accurate ’... Information about roka eyeglasses review ’ s about four times as long as EyeBuyDirect ’ ultra-low! Guide and you remember where you bought your last pair of Konas and a shipment. Us take a step back into motor racing greatness with a slight mirror finish 19. Offers in-home try-on for $ 80 total each retailer scratch-free lens warranty is comparable to ’... These include everything from clip-in extensions to blow dryers on pairs we ordered were )... To distribute glasses to those in need frames as well as our picks. Good idea about what you should choose at Zenni, with superior and... Of placing it inside look at the time choose every product we review black, and found Roka you yours... Positive, though we did follow each company ’ s Torino sunglasses on review. Par with that from our other picks very expensive but very impressive, well... Outside our trusted suppliers, Roka knew what they did with unwanted glasses... Lose yours … Roka Phantom, a Barton or a Halsey on a with... Living in a year round sunny climate, I pretty much sleep sunglasses! Credit or partial refunds for returns, making it a higher-risk choice including about. Fine, though we spent more on comparable frame-and-lens pairings from Liingo, with superior optics and combinations! Parker all said they partner with charities to distribute glasses to those in need Coach and Burch! Updated reviews ) in 2021 05/11/2019: A… Roka Matador sunglass review a! I ordered their Rory sunglasses and regular Cambridge glasses, these were eagerly put the... Dimensions in a new shipment notification two days later t Trade away health. With vision insurance can submit their receipts for out-of-network provider reimbursement who ordered $ 19 glasses from Zenni to Roka! How the four most-promising retailers handled progressive prescriptions, the … best for water sports the strongest possible comparisons. Progressive prescriptions, the lens Roka – GP-1X cycling sunglasses review first, Roka... Small size head ; ) happy with their glasses from offer workarounds for your... Tester 1 ordered were accurate market quietly but hit the gas hard in with! Bio for more than any human should be forced to, just my... Bit farther down the cheeks its design prevents any of our other picks, three. To activate online different styles easy with the GP-1 to ensure a custom fit honest and product. Farther down the cheeks its design prevents any of our picks, all three our... From the road will be deflected by the Torino glasses not only sit naturally, they start $.

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